Fear and Courage

Spiritual Calling

When I decided to walk the Camino de Santiago, I was aware that I wanted to immerse myself in a holding container long enough for me to find out what is calling me. I had the sense that I was meant to be doing something else with my life and that I was holding back on what God had given me. In any event I knew my soul wasn’t being fully satisfied; there was a longing I needed to address. I hoped and indeed I expected the Camino to help me find the truth of that longing.

Letting go

I realised before I left home that the Camino was about letting go and trusting I would be okay, although I couldn’t anticipate how the challenges would present themselves. But really the energy of the Camino started before I left Cork! The easy part was making the decision to go, a couple of months ahead of time it seemed no problem, I thought ‘I can’t wait’. However as the departure date got closer, I became more fearful, I was going to have to let go of whatever control I had in my life, my comfort, my livelihood, my emotional crutches and safety nets and surrender to the unfolding experience of Camino life.

So to go at all I needed to let go of what was familiar and face the vulnerability that arose in the absence of the crutches and the safety nets. That took courage and more importantly it took a level of belief in the possibility and of my own potential and trust in the universe. To grow requires a will to do so, no one said this would be easy but then neither is it easy to live life in the shadows.

4 responses to “Fear and Courage”

  1. […] I called to them and said “I’m going to have to give in”.  As soon as I said it I knew that “giving in” was about more than just taking a rest. I went to sit down and contemplated what else was meant by […]

  2. I am five days away from my departure. I was very grateful to read your touching words. They are very encouraging and uplifting. I have found myself feeling exactly the same way! I am excited and yet reluctant. Crazy to feel these opposing feelings simultaneously. Thank you!

  3. Interesting. I’m thinking of doing the Camino. I don’t really know why though. I’m retiring in a few weeks. Maybe go in September? If so I’d better get in training 😀

  4. Thank you for thoughtful reflection. It made me realize I need to set an intention of also letting go, making space for grace in my own heart. Planning to walk the way in April 2020.Bien Camino!

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